Новый фильм о Джеймсе Бонде могут снять в Крыму

However, it is not the desire of producers and Directors, and our officials. One of them has sent an appeal to Hollywood to hold shooting James bond on the Peninsula.

In Soviet times Crimea has been a favorite platform for filmmakers from different countries. This is where they filmed such masterpieces as “the Caucasian prisoner”, “the amphibian Man”, “the headless Horseman” and many others.

And soon, perhaps, on a stone, where once upon a time Natalya Varley sang a song about polar bears, will dance to James Norton or Jamie bell or whoever is approved as the new James bond.

In General, it is: Crimean officials thought and thought and decided, why not revive this tradition – to make films on the Peninsula? And by the way, not Russian cinema, and from Hollywood!

So decided the head of the Association of entrepreneurs for development of business of patriotism in Russia “AVANTI” Rahman Anshukov and sent a letter to the production company, EON Productions, Metro-Golden-Mayer Inc. and Danjaq, which own the rights to the production of films about the agent 007, with a proposal to conduct the shoot the next film about James bond in the Crimea.

The response from companies has not yet been received. But in support of Rahman made by the Minister of culture of Crimea Arina nowosielski:

“We have gorgeous, stunning natural scenery in the bilogorsky district, steppe areas looks very nice evening Yalta, Alushta evening. Think we can find a place to make a film on any subject – she said to journalists. — I support any creative initiative. We still have no official document, but the Crimea is a blessed piece of ground, you can remove any theme movies, including James bond”.

The head of “Avanti” also notes that shooting of this film will attract tourists to the region, and will be an example of productive cooperation of businessmen from Russia, great Britain and the United States.

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