British special agent repented in organizing the car crash with Princess Diana

Британский спецагент раскаялся в организации автокатастрофы с принцессой Дианой Ex-employee of counterintelligence may be involved in the tragedy. According to John Hopkins, who worked in the bodies, his team planned an accident which occurred on 31 August 1997.

80-year-old John Hopkins, many years ago who worked for British intelligence service Mi5, is in the hospital. Doctors say the man will be dead in a week. As reported by one of the journals, realizing that for him to lose nothing more, ex-agent admitted involvement in the accident with Princess Diana in 1997.

As told by a former employee who is now in intensive care, in the period from 1973 to 1999, he participated in a number of serious covert operations, he was involved in the death of the ex-wife of Prince Charles. Hopkins claims that Diana was the only woman he killed.

“Ordered that representatives of the Royal family,” added the former agent.

In the words of an elderly man, he regrets what he did. Says a former intelligence officer, at the time Diana was a serious threat to the British monarchy.

“Diana knew too many secrets of the yard. Besides, she was filled with desire of revenge, and she could address the public with any statements. My boss told me that she would have to die: he received an order from Prince Philip. We had to organize everything so that all thought it was a car accident. I did it for Queen and country,” says Hopkins.

As said an employee of the intelligence, the entire operation was secret, and Buckingham Palace has agreed with the British editions as they serve the story. Ex-special forces, plans to spend the remaining weeks of life at home. John was not afraid of being arrested after his statements.

Recall that Diana and Charles had been married for about 15 years. The Prince’s wife admitted that she was very hard all these years. The woman was seen developing novel husband with Camilla Parker-Bowles. On the background of the experiences Diana developed an eating disorder – bulimia. This disease was brought to the Princess a lot of problems. In the media surfaced unexpected revelations of Princess Diana

“I was terribly thin. I was so depressed that he tried to cut his wrists with a razor blade,” said Diana about the time of life with Charles at Balmoral.