Rinal Mukhametov: “my Wife was against the white dress and the Banquet”

Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета» The actor spoke about the secret wedding and the friendship with Yulia Peresild. In a candid interview with “StarHit” Rinal Mukhametov explained why the stuttering only helps him in the profession and why he is Hollywood.
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»

Today, June 22, premiere of the historical romance of Pavel chuhraja “Cool tango”. The beloved heroine Yulia Peresild plays Rinal Mukhametov, known for the films “Gravity” and “the Three Musketeers”. In the center of the plot – the story of the troubled relationship between a man and a woman. In real life the Rinal ‘ all is well. 27-year-old actor is married and has a year-old baby Parents. In an interview with “StarHit” Mukhametov shared how he met with his wife, why is afraid to resist the urge than he was struck by the daughter of the lady in the film.

A holiday for two

Rinal, how was it to work with Yulia Peresild?
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»Wonderful! Julia is a true professional and an amazing mom, not only for their children. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the charitable Fund “Galchonok”. And with her eldest daughter Anna – she is now eight years – personally acquainted. Julia took her to the shooting, which took place in Vilnius. Girl – he is not capricious and adult. Remember, Anna somehow ran into the premiere with the words: “Mom, Rinal, look!” And jump to the village on the ideal twine. It all happened like in a good Comedy.
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»
You are the young dad. Take the family to the shooting?
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»Because lately removed mainly in Russia, then leave them at home. Just with my girls I was very relaxed and need to be concentrated. Suzanne is my Director, and had worked as a producer at “Gogol-center”, where I play.—
I met there?
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»No. We first met seven years ago. Then I sang in the group “Corporation, “Yellow Asphalt”. I came up with it together with fellow students at the Studio School of the Moscow art theatre in 2009. We played in different clubs and Suzanne was involved in organizing the concerts. So we met, and later became best friends.—
You are officially married?
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»Yes. More than a year ago quietly signed, without any ceremony, did not want to advertise. Felt that it was our holiday. Suzanne against the white dresses and the pageantry, I agree. We have the same views on life, because we are so good together.
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»
Who is responsible for life?
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»As such, distributions of no – tandem and democracy. We both love life, but understand that it must be considered. Try to make each other’s lives as comfortable as possible. Wife – my back, helps with everything. But I also try not to suck out her energy. Evia just a year old, she always needs care and concern. So at the first opportunity in a hurry to get home. Sometimes we get help from my mom Suzanne. We have established a great relationship. She is a real friend of the family.—
Tell me about the character of the daughter.
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»Like all toddlers, parents sometimes naughty, but just in case. We understand that this takes a long time. Daughter is careful and accurate. Externally similar to mother and Papa.

Dreams of Hollywood

I plan in the future to buy an apartment in Moscow?
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»This is one of the priorities but we are not yet ready to buy a house, maybe in a couple years. We work, travel, live, and breathe deeply. Movie’s such a thing: today Yes, tomorrow no.
You’re originally from Kazan, homesick?
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»I grew up in a working village Alekseevskoe, which is 100 km away from Kazan. There still live and work close to me. Mother is a accountant at the company. Has a younger sister angelina, she was 25 years old. She recently moved to Kazan. Unfortunately,seldom get to be in familiar childhood places, but I have not forgotten your village. Every second inhabitant of Alekseevsky for me relative. I know that the neighbors follow my work, and this tremendous support.

Not afraid to be smug?
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»I’m afraid! Fortunately, grounded friends. In this respect, I am a lucky man. First, never forget those who stood with me at the beginnings. We always keep in touch. Adequately perceive criticism, a work in progress. Secondly, I frequently meet good people, listen to them. Among the new acquaintances, for example, Fedor Bondarchuk and Sasha Petrov. With them was fortunate enough to work in the project “Attraction”. Now Yulia Peresild…—
Competition there?
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»In the circle of artists all clear. Already on the samples seen, you fit the role or not. What are the grievances? Means there will be more projects where you will be able to unlock the potential.—
Rinal, you’re just rambling… How do you manage to exist in the profession with this disease?
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»Stuttering is something that stimulates me all my life. The problems started in childhood, however, when they are expressed brighter. Of course, I went to doctors. I was given a lot of useful tips, but nothing will happen without the constant work. Over time, I learned to manage the “disease” have found common language with him. A lot depends on situation and mood. On the set of this feature is manifested in different ways. Sometimes, all goes smoothly, and sometimes you need to work hard not only over the role, but also to delve into their own psyche. In General, stuttering is a good filter environment. Glad that there are people – not many – who looked not at the problem itself, as it were, for her. I thank them for that.—
You have the # 1 goal for this year?
Риналь Мухаметов: «Жена была против белого платья и банкета»Want to learn English and to try the forces in a Hollywood movie. Knew the guys that took out the movies on Constitional, told me that the producers are interested in young Russian actors. The only problem is that I even have the basic language does not know.
Many people call you handsome. What do you think?
I’m pretty good only in the sense that already achieved something in the profession and in life and continue to move forward. Appreciate what you have. I have an amazing wife, beautiful daughter and great prospects. I am a happy man.