Brand Victoria’s Secret decided on the name the sexiest woman of all time

Бренд Victoria’s Secret определился с именем самой сексуальной женщины всех времен

Brand Victoria’s Secret, in the submission which always employs only the most attractive girls, certainly knows what’s what in matters of female beauty. Despite the fact that the history of the brand dates back several decades, only ten of them brand chooses one representative of the beautiful half, and makes the leader of the rating “the sexiest women in history.” In 2016, the year this honor was awarded to Jennifer Lopez.

Representatives of Victoria’s Secret and the compilers of the rating believe that the list of “most-most” unbiased and honest. Note that when you enable a particular person in the rating, they take into account not only the popularity but also the overall impact on fans. It is for this reason in this list never (most likely) will not appear, for example, Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian. By the way, the rating does not indicate a single “angel”.

Evaluation criteria of expert charisma, correct feminine energy and beauty in the classic sense. To these signs the title of the most sexual women of all ages went to Jennifer Lopez. The creators of the rating believe that it is more than 20 years is a sex icon and worthy of the title of “seniority”, but in addition appreciate her amazing ability to look like at 47 years old is better than 27.

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