Hugh Jackman saved the life of his son

Хью Джекман спас жизнь сыну

On Saturday at one of the Sydney beaches, Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman almost lost his son. It happened because of the so-called discontinuous current while which began to sink fifteen-year-old Oscar. In addition to the young artist helped to save other people.

Хью Джекман спас жизнь сыну
Eyewitnesses claim that the danger came suddenly and customers were not ready for such a strong current. Jackman acted like a true rescuer. He quietly began to help present in the water to come ashore. After some time he was joined rescuers, who immediately closed the beach for holidaymakers due to strong waves.

Хью Джекман спас жизнь сыну
Despite the appearance of composure, Jackman was shocked by this event, not even the press didn’t want to talk. After, recovering, what did what “anyone would do in his place” and that during the rescue of people “did not feel the whole drama of the event”.

Riptide (also called chipping) is when sea coastal current directed perpendicular to the sea from the shore during low tide. The rush starts to wear off at different rates, tightening of bathers in the depth of Mor. It happens that the speed reaches three meters per second.

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