Математические способности зависят от самооценки

The researcher refuted the common opinion about a particular mindset.

That’s the news! It turned out to be grown from baby Einstein, Newton, does not need to force it with two years of learning the multiplication table. Just often enough to praise.

Concluded specialist HSE Yulia Kuzmina. As a result of her research she concluded that the level of progress of the exact Sciences depends on the self-esteem of the child.

Otherwise, even if the child is smart, but he’s not sure, it will not allow him to successfully master the course material in mathematics and realizing their potential.

And although this assertion is highly controversial because, in practice, geniuses, as a rule, grow up in dysfunctional families, yet to praise your child and very nice…

Curious: previously, teachers thought that the student ceases to try to study the subject at the moment has no time on it.

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