Юлия Началова надолго покинула Россию
The singer will be staying abroad at least six months.

Julia Nachalova and Alexander Frolov

Photo: personal archive of the singer

Julia Nachalova at least six months left Russia, fly
from Moscow to Los Angeles. In this town the singer is to sleep when her lover, Alexander Frolov lived for ten years in America, he
bought an elegant mansion on the ocean. Julia now uses any
the opportunity to live in the city of Angels.

This time the desire of stars to temporarily change their place of residence,
primarily work-related. It has long been closely cooperating with
famous producer Walter Afanasyev, who became known to a wide
the audience in Russia, thanks to a sensational project of the channel “Russia-1” “Main stage”.
In addition, the singer writes all the songs in Los Angeles where her
recording Studio.

Now Yulia has plenty of reasons to celebrate. It
is in Los Angeles not one, but with her lover Alexander Frolov.
Together they walk along the ocean, enjoying the warm spring and the sun.

Once in
Russian schools will come the summer holidays, to Nachalova will join her daughter
Faith. In the meantime, the mother and daughter correspond by email, talk on the phone,
talk on Skype, but, of course, still miss him.

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