Звезда сериала «Зайцев+1» принимает поздравления с замужеством Kosteneva Natalia and her partner were married. Popular the actress is glad that he had found his man. Fans of happy family happiness artist.

      Звезда сериала «Зайцев+1» принимает поздравления с замужеством

      For many girls, wedding is the most solemn and important day in their lives. To wear a white dress, veil and give promise for his elect to love him in joy and in sorrow, dreams of almost every girl from a very young age. Not so long ago, a popular actress of the series “Zaitsev+1” Natalya Kosteneva married. Now the girl takes most sincere congratulations and colleagues and loved ones.

      “I congratulate You on this wonderful event! Good Luck To You! And You are beautiful, the dress is no words”, “All just perfect! My huge congratulations! Let life together will be cheerful and full of life!”, “Natasha, happiness and many years together. Good health to your family. And future children,” do not stint kind words to the subscribers of the actress in the microblog.

      Although many celebrities try to talk about their celebration, Natalia has left its subscribers without striking photos from the wedding day. In micrologue Kosteneva published only two photos with her husband, and then not to the wedding, but with Studio shooting, and modestly signed “My wedding”. Thus, for loyal fans it remains unknown how and where took place the solemn ceremony.

      I must say that his elect Vadim artist tries not to spread. She rarely puts a joint photo with your beloved. Natalia confesses that her lover was not easy to find the way to her heart. Vadim had four years to Woo unapproachable beauty.

      “It all started with the sarcastic jokes that Vadim was released in my address, and to which I sarcastically replied. Surprisingly, this manner of communication is entrenched. He “trolled” me, and I am his. At first it was kind of funny, but then gradually our friends started to seat us at all the festivals and events on different sides of the table that this debate did not resemble hot Rodeo. But with all that, Vadim was always a gentleman, he never crossed the line, and his manners were excellent” – shared the actress.

      But after another chance meeting, Kosteneva decided to go on a date with Vadim and after realized that he was prepared for her fate. The feelings were mutual, and after a while beloved Natalia made her an offer of marriage.

      “Throughout the apartment, candles were burning, everything was decorated with flowers, I had to go on the arrows to the living room where me and waited for Vadim to the ring. My excitement was enormous but it was really special, very peaceful, holistic, as if the warm sun shed in the shower,” said Natalia in an interview with “7 days”.

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