Валерию раскритиковали за публикацию фото в купальнике

A couple of days ago, the Russian singer Valeria on her page on Instagram published a rather provocative photo. In the picture the singer is pictured in a black bikini on the background of the water and sunset. Not to mention the fact that in the photo of 47-year-old Valeria is a mother of three children, looks amazing. The actress is in good physical shape, however, such explicit demonstration of the charms of the many fans seem redundant.

“Thailand. The sunset. Romance. Was in this country once in my life. I want to go, and no time, but I now own the oceans,” wrote Valeria, and thanked the author of the photo, which was made for the famous men’s magazine MAXIM.

As soon as the singer published a picture, she was faced not only with approving and laudatory comments, but also criticism of the followers, which precli star in that it deceives them, putting on display photos are not the best quality besides pretty retouched.

“On the background wall murals”, “And for whom SKU otfotoshopennye charms?…”, “Strange to see such photos in your profile, you are beautiful and in great shape. Don’t need these photos in a bathing suit, don’t you”, was the comments under the photo.

Valeria on such comments didn’t.

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