Spice Girls отправятся в мировое турне без Виктории Бекхэм

Finally happened what so many were saying all last year! Popular in the 90s group the Spice Girls in honor of its twentieth anniversary, goes on a world tour.

Spice Girls отправятся в мировое турне без Виктории Бекхэм
“We’re celebrating 20 years of creativity! It would be foolish to ignore such a date! I hope soon to be able to make happy their fans with something new and special!” — informed fans of Mel b.
Despite the fact that formal training for the tour have not been, all members of the group are in joyful anticipation of meeting with longtime fans who, as they grew, but not against to remember the past.
The only participant who was unable to join the others – this is Victoria Becham. Renowned British designer and mother of four children found the lesson more interesting than the performances. Singing Posh Spice gave up long ago, and the group’s performance during the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, which in and participated – bold exclamation point of his musical career.

However, recently in mass media the information appeared that Victoria will be on stage with old girlfriends, but only in several London concerts. Beckham previously said that he would only watch the Spice Girls performance from the auditorium. As for the other participants – Mel C, Mel b, Jerry Halliwell and Emma bunton, all of them with great joy will rock the old and go with concerts worldwide. Such a joy due to the fact that for participating in the tour each of the “perchenok” will receive a fee of ten million pounds.

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