Brad pitt was jealous of his wife to her brother

Бред Питт ревновал жену к её брату

It is no news that the divorce of Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt, even if it today say less, will not go away and the couple is still involved in divorce proceedings. But now their little world that until recently seemed all the Paradise is not so perfect, and the reason was.. brother Jolie James. This was stated by the documentary, Jae Halperin, citing insiders from the environment Joliette.

“James and Angie have always been very close, I would say, too close. He practically lived with his sister’s family, and it drove Brad crazy. He even once put his wife an ultimatum: it was either him or James,” said the Director, who is currently working on a tape about the relationship of Jolie and pitt.
Halperin went back to the rumours about incest, which began in 2000, when Angelina publicly kissed the brother on the lips. In a relationship with James Ian sees one of the reasons for the breakup Joliette.
“Many of their associates of Jolie and pitt’s no surprise that they broke up. More than ten years, James lived with them, of course, the Delirium could not be comfortable in such an environment. James spent with their children all the time, and sometimes replaced them father, it’s more just didn’t like pitt. He wanted to be the only male model for my children,” — said the Director.
Halperin eliminates the possibility of family reunification, which is still hoping fans Joliette.
“Angie says that she and her husband are working to improve relations for the sake of the children, but she personally has caused irreparable harm to their marriage,” said Halperin.