The experts considered, what losses brought the franchise “fast and furious”

Эксперты посчитали,  какие убытки принесла франшиза «Форсаж»

“Fast and furious” — the most famous racing franchise. A few days left before the premiere of the eighth film of the Saga. As told recently the lead actor and producer VIN Diesel, the eighth film will not be the last, but on the contrary will begin a new racing trilogy. If there is demand, why not create a new series? What is it that draws the viewer into the “fast and Furious”?

Experts have suggested that it may not last role is played here by special effects, which for all films was established more than 514 million dollars. Note that here account was taken of the eighth part.

Western journalists have calculated that during the filming of all the movies destroyed more than 300 pieces of equipment. Particular attention is paid to sports car W Motors Lykan Hypersport, which costs 3.4 million dollars. The number of destroyed buildings in the movies — more than 100.

Experts even found out who of the characters in the movies became the most wasteful. In the first place turned hero Jason Statham, Deckard Shaw, who is responsible for the destruction in the amount of 182 million dollars. After going Statham, VIN Diesel and Dwayne Johnson.