Singer, Barbara was the fishing in Karelia

Певица Варвара порыбачила в Карелии
Ethno singer caught two perch.

Singer Barbara during the tour of Karelia and
Leningrad region not only gave concerts, but had to go fishing. The opportunity she was given in the Karelian town of Sortavala, which of the star associated with warm
memories. 14 years ago with the port of this town, the singer, along with
the team sailed on the ship “Graf Orlov” on the island of Valaam, where was filmed the video for “Dreams”.

Arriving in this town again, Barbara visited the pier, and there she learned
local fishermen. And when it became clear that the singer loves fishing, proposed
her to go fishing with them. “Before that, I had no experience winter fishing, —
told Barbara In my country
we only fish during the warmer time of the year.” The singer gladly accepted
the invitation and caught a couple of perch. Fishermen pleasantly surprised by the skill
the actress shared with her their catch. But local restaurant chefs of all this
the fish were kindly prepared for the barbarians.