Брэд Питт спас девочку от толпы фанатов

To see the Hollywood star on the island of Gran Canaria has gathered so many people that nearly crushed the child.

The name of the Hollywood star was again in the headlines. However, this is not in connection with the imminent divorce with Jolie’s… brad pitt saved a little girl that almost ran over a crowd of his fans.

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It all happened on the island of Gran Canaria, where he filmed the movie with pitt “Five seconds of silence.” To no one bothered, the pavilion fence. But fans never gave up and were on duty every day at the fence…

One day brad decided to come closer to say Hello. Then the crowd with all the force joined to the metal rods… And, unwittingly, squeezed the little girl. The baby cried loudly from hitting the bars. But she was lucky. Screams heard brad pitt and ran to the little girl. Then he asked everyone to take a few steps back.

As for the girl, she seems so happy to see pitt, and the pain disappeared immediately. Aides of the actor pulled a young fan and called the medical team… brad made sure that she was safe and calmed her, reports the Daily Mail.

Somebody from the crowd filmed the whole incident on video and posted on the web. So about the act of the actor and became known around the world.

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