Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

The heroine of “the Sweet life” told about the filming of the new season and bed scenes in the series, as well as whether to forgive a man’s infidelity.

The lukeria Ilyashenko most sexy actress of the series “Sweet life”. The girl herself admitted that in life does not like her character Leroux. The actress used to wear jeans, loose shirts and certainly not heels, except for special occasions.

In addition to filming the series, Lusha enjoys ballet, but still more a girl considers herself an actress than a dancer, because of the time of constant training does not. As for his personal life, it is known that it meets with editor-in-chief of magazine Maxim Alexander Malenkov.

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“I don’t really believe in monogamy men”

Lukerya, in life you like her character Leroux?

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

No, of course not similar. Internally I’m a beater and an absolute regular guy, no intrigues to weave can not, if someone let you down, it is only of its nesobrannosti.

You play the mistress of a married man. Have you ever had in life like love?

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

“No. My grandmother always said, “On someone else’s misfortune happiness can not be built”. I completely agree with her. And besides, to be called the mistress means that the choice made is clearly not in your favor – you’re not good enough to become a wife. It is at least humiliating.

Is it worth to avoid such a relationship or for her love to fight no matter what?

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

“Love can not be. Why waste so much mental energy and emotion on someone you don’t really need? And then there is the time factor. For a young woman it flies much faster, its not worth it to squander wasted”.

Whether to forgive a man who cheated? Or to gain strength and to break off relations?

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

“To make a voodoo doll and stick pins in it. For the rest of his life. Ha ha ha! Joke! I don’t really believe in monogamy men. But I am convinced that if a person respects you and is afraid of losing, he will do everything to make you at least never have learned.”

“It is impossible to play a character, if you do not accept it”

You are in harmony with the heroine or at some point you have that rejection?

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

“It is impossible to play a character, if you do not accept it. When I first read the season, I thought, “How am I going to play this bastard? It is not clear”. And in that moment I had to accept it. I met her, I thought of all the circumstances that forced her to behave how she does. And the second season is already my character, I understand her motivation. In the first season annoyed me a lot in ler, it was hard to get over yourself. In the second season of this no, she was better. But still she – leopard who doesn’t change his spots”.

Professionally you felt like increased in comparison with previous seasons? Or you actors, I’m afraid to assume that playing better?

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

“I am terribly notorious man. This is my huge beach. I just watched footage of the series and thought sometimes about his game: “my God, what a nightmare!”. And to say that I grew up – probably not. Of course, there are times when I look and realize: “Oh, cool”. Still, I third season playing the same character, it’s easier for me to understand it”.

That is, you didn’t think it would be easier to play?

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

“No, no, this never happens, I always think, sit, paint. It was a lot of work still to stage readings. I don’t know I was coming – and do everything from the list.”

In the third season happening with Leroy?

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

In the third season of Lera finally growing up. She goes on the level of development, when he realizes that the way she wants, most likely, will not develop. And she has to adapt to this situation. She comes to the conclusion that she must still build a relationship with uncle Tolik, and she genuinely tries to love him. This is the story of beauty and the beast. The story of how two people who are in different social strata, come together. She never thought I would marry the fart, but fart is great: he’s caring, smart and kind. In the third season of Lera begins to appreciate human feelings.

In the series you had a few sex scenes. It was difficult to do them in?

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

Well, firstly, I believe that if an actor can play a person, he, sorry, needs to be able to play everything else. Bust, for example. But seriously, for me, these sex scenes were the only opportunity to show Leroux really loving Vadim, when sex is the highest peak of spiritual unity of two people. I wanted with all the “postelnoe” these scenes, make them love.

“I really miss classical theatre education”

You have education…

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

A mA regional studies specialist. I graduated from the ballet school of an average hand and mom agreed that I wanted to dance, but to settle down in school and going to do something, and then. It lasted quite a long time, but eventually had to quit dancing – on this money it is impossible to live in this country. I went to drama school when I was already 23 years old. By today’s standards really old.

But you are weaned five years. Maybe it’s good? What is your opinion about this?

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я страшно закомплексованная»

Just recently there was a premiere of the play, where I play, “Love in a teacup”. And in this play I realize that I really miss classical theatre education. It’s hard to tell with the flow, it’s hard for me to play, I understand that all this is a lie. Because I sharpened the movie. But to say that, for example, the kind of education that I received, is more suitable for film than for theatre, and in my advantage, I can’t. I sincerely believe that, if the person in the shot replays, gives not lying, – it is only bad taste of the Director. Because the Director gives task. Is he shooting a movie, he does the casting. I feel that I am a layman, what I need to grow. Theatre for me is self-development.

What is your “Sweet life”?

While for me the “Sweet life” is the biggest project in my career, I love him very much. And I’m saddened that the third season final. It is a stage of my life.

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