Twiggy said the 50-year long career at the flower show

Твигги отметила 50-летие карьеры на цветочном шоу

The model, which became the symbol of an era, was published. And hasn’t changed a bit.

Lesley Hornby, she’s Twiggy, she’s a girl-reed, appeared on the modeling horizon in 1966. Her fragile figure, huge eyes and a haircut that makes her look like an elf, did Hornby incredibly popular.

The girl became a hallmark of London’s turbulent 60-ies, acted in films, played in the theater. It’s been 50 years! But Leslie did not seem to have changed. The model celebrated the 50th anniversary of creative activity “to Chelsea Flower show”, held in a suburb of London.

And, it seems, for this time only changed her haircut. Instead of short red hair Twiggy wears blonde curls. As for the rest… Fans noticed that even the smile remained the same.

Yes, and the choice was not accidental. The last four years, Twiggy has collaborated with the brand Marks & Spencer. Created collection, using its rich experience.

And for the flower show has opened the model garden, made by designers Marks & Spencer. Twiggy it was even more interesting. After all, friends know that in her spare time she loves to Tinker in the ground. Yes, and the event to match the anniversary. Among the guests were Kate Middleton and Prince William.

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