Boris korchevnikov spoke for the first time about leaving “Live”

Борис Корчевников впервые высказался об уходе из «Прямого эфира» The presenter thanked his fans for their support. Boris korchevnikov made clear it has no plans to leave the favorite team of the TV show “live” and plans to continue to participate in the work on new software releases.

In February of this year in the media appeared information that the TV presenter Boris korchevnikov supposedly leaves the program “live”. The reasons for the transfer of staff changes occur, was not called. For a long period of time, the press service of the VGTRK has declined to comment. Boris korchevnikov also abstained regarding the explanation of the situation.

Not so long ago, journalists reported that the presenter will lead the channel “Spas”. New appointment showman confirmed the General Director of TV Boris Kostenko. During the conversation with “StarHit” the man reported that he could not comment on information about the care Korchevnikov of “Live”.

Boris korchevnikov will lead to Orthodox channel

A few days later after reporting on the work of TV channel “Spas” Boris korchevnikov broke the silence and answered numerous questions from fans. TV star warmly thanked the fans for their support and made it clear that he did not intend to retire from “Live”. While the details of Boris chose not to share and announced that in future there will be new editions of the TV show, in which he will participate.

“We thank everyone who wrote to me in these months the kind words about our program. I want to appeal to anyone who believes the rumors that I quit or close the program. Let the authors of these rumors have no hope. Along with a huge and best team “Live broadcast” we are preparing for you a very lot of new and strong – this and next season. Thank you!” – said the presenter.

Fans of Boris expressed his appreciation for the long-awaited comment on of numerous publications that have appeared in the media. They congratulated master and wished him further success and victories. “Glad to hear” and “Thank you”, “Cheers”. “I wish you health and forces,” “Thank God that you don’t go anywhere” “How nice to see you smile”, “Finally”, “Great news, All the best to you”, “Excellent”, “We love you” – wrote in the comments to the post of TV presenter.

Earlier in the press appeared information about the fact that Boris korchevnikov leaves the program “live”, and it will replace Dmitry Shepelev. Then the showman himself wrote about the new appointment in sveom microblog, but representatives of the TV company, these statements did not comment. A few months later Shepelev did not appear in the program, so fans of the lead we can only guess about what is happening.