Alexey Panin won in the fight for daughter

Алексей Панин выграл в борьбе за дочь Actor happy completion of a long litigation that lasted for about ten years. Today, the court ruled that the heir Alexei Panin should live together with him. Happy artist does not hide his emotions about the long-awaited completion of the litigation.
Алексей Панин выграл в борьбе за дочь

Today actor Alexei Panin said that he has won in the struggle for the eight-year-old daughter of the NUS. A charming girl would live with his father. The corresponding decision was made in one of the capital ships. Man admits that he is very happy the long-awaited completion of litigation that lasted years.

Currently, the NUS is happy with the parent. Alex shared a touching photograph of a girl on Instagram. In his post Panin did not hide emotions about the end of the long proceedings. “All is over! 10 years would make me a monster, but, thank God, over!” – shared the actor. The movie star also stated that he is glad the defeat of the criminals who defamed his reputation. “You broke my life, but I won!” – said the man.

“StarHit” got in touch with Alex, to celebrate the long-awaited event.

“The court ruled that the daughter will live with his father, and abolished all the alimony. 10 years of Hell is over! I won. My child is with me. Forever… I would like to put it is not clear who to take my baby from me,” said the actor “StarHit”.

Previously Alexey Panin was told that the NUS independently decided to live with his father. Last summer, the actor and his heiress went on vacation in the Crimea. Then during the conversation with “StarHit” Alex said that the girl does not communicate with the mother. “Julia did everything to set daughter against him. Now comes to the fact that NUS is starting to hate her… She’s trying to write, call, but she did not hear his daughter! Bullying that is going to deprive me of parental rights. She can not get on a normal dialogue,” – said the artist.

A close friend of the actor, singer and producer Andrey Kovalev, always tries to support it. The man was very worried for a good friend. Kovalev talked about the fact that the former artist’s wife Julia did not pay enough attention to the child. According to the businessman, with a woman very difficult to negotiate. Kovalev also said that Panin – loving father, who doted in his successor.

Recall that charming Anne, which the famous actor calls the NUS, came to light in October 2008. For a long time, Aleksei Panin and his former civil wife Julia Udintsev was involved in litigation about who should be the child.