The investigation found the cause of the fall from the window of the actor “Interns” Casimir liske

Следствие установило причину падения из окна актера «Интернов» Казимира Лиске In the case of the deceased artist new facts. According to the relatives friends and wives Casimir liske, he fell from the window at four in the morning due to the unstable mental state. However, the experts came to the conclusion that early morning the star of the series was to clean the house and inadvertently fell from the window sill.

Monday, April 24, it became known that the actor Kazimir Liske, who has received wide fame by appearing in the TV series “Interns”, was tragically killed. He fell from the window of his apartment on the fifth floor in Moscow. After investigation found that the artist fell off the windowsill in an accident. According to experts, the man cleaned house.

At Kazimir Liske is survived by his wife Polina Grishina and son Oliver. Thanks to his wife fellow actor Ivan Vyrypaev reported that the man fell from the window at four in the morning. Friends of the actor “Interns” Casimir liske opened up the circumstances of his death

“This is a tragic “accident”. Kez experienced serious mental instability. It can be called a disease. What happened to him, not “suicide” and not drugs. Medical tests found the blood of Kez no sign of something serious. Kez came home in the morning, talked with Pauline. No one saw in him any signs of panic or mental instability. Nevertheless, around four in the morning he “fell out of the window”. No reason to do it. And we all are sure that he did not want to do this, just disease and mental state, which he suppressed and concealed, even from their loved ones, pushed his body into the sky,” he told rhythm.

After reports of the tragedy, a close friend of the artist Varvara Turova published on the Facebook page a little message from representatives of the actor Vasily Stepanov. The star of the film “Inhabited island” not long ago, also fell out of the window, but, fortunately, survived.

“I’m agent actor washi Stepanova, he recently suffered such an accident, and the media wrote about suicide, so that he now lies in a psychiatric hospital, his relatives wanted to transfer the money to the family of the Kez”, – stated in the message.

But brother Basil, Maxim has yet to respond to such a statement from his family.

Friends Casimir told me that his parents, who live in the United States, can not in such a short time to obtain a visa to Russia to attend the funeral of his son. Apparently, now the family has resolved the problems with the documents, because in the official group of the theatre “Practice”, which worked Liske, there is information about the upcoming memorial service.

“Friends! Farewell to the Casimir Liske will be in “Practice”, on April 29, this Saturday, from 11 to 14:00. Here you can say something to him about it. Have family and friends there are two large requests to newcomers will appreciate if you will listen: please, no artificial flowers, wreaths and funeral paraphernalia; not to wear black clothes,” – said in the announcement.

Also relatives of the deceased actor has decided to support his family without a breadwinner. In social networks, they posted information about the Bank account, which can fill up any not indifferent to the tragedy Liske.

Earlier edition of Life reported that in the blood of the actor found the drugs. However, before the tragic events none of the family saw his behavior is nothing that could portend trouble.