Boris korchevnikov pushed Vadim Kazachenko ex-wife

Борис Корчевников столкнул Вадима Казаченко с бывшей женой Olga Martynova met with the artist after a long break. The young woman continues to clash with Vadim Kazachenko. Ex-spouses can’t find common ground and resolve their differences.
Борис Корчевников столкнул Вадима Казаченко с бывшей женой

Vadim Kazachenko has become the hero of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. Since December of last year, personal life of the man remains at the centre of public attention. The contractor can not find a common language with ex-wife Olga Martynova. The woman claims that the actor left her and her son, who was born in the spring.

In the broadcast transmission Kozachenko told about their fate and relationship with the current darling Irina Amanti. The woman, who is the Director of the singer, always tries to support it. Not so long ago, the artist discovered an illegitimate daughter. 24-year-old Vlad from Kharkov says that her mother was familiar with Kazachenko.

The former wife of Vadim Kazachenko supported his illegitimate daughter

“Can we let this happen. I wonder why she appeared here in Moscow, and didn’t call me. My phone has not changed for many years. Find and identify me, in General, is simple. I saw her mother two or three times in my life. I first heard about it in 2008 or 2009. I wrote in social networks: “Hello, my mom said that you were my dad.” I answered. Was cool and serious. After some time our communication was interrupted…” – spoke the man.
Борис Корчевников столкнул Вадима Казаченко с бывшей женой

Then, October showed a previously recorded interview with his ex-wife Olga Martynova. The artist calmly commented on the statement of a young woman. According to the singer, she often tells “half-truths”, distorting the real situation.

Борис Корчевников столкнул Вадима Казаченко с бывшей женой“On my knee when I proposed to her, not become. All legends are born of the little nuances… I didn’t plan to marry Olga, it was adultery. While we could not establish a relationship with Irina, I had a relationship with Olga,” said the contractor.
Борис Корчевников столкнул Вадима Казаченко с бывшей женой

In the final of the TV show joined the conversation Martynova, so Amanti hastened to leave the Studio. Before you meet with the artist, Olga said that she was ashamed because of his behavior. “It’s just awful. I feel bad for him,” said former beloved star of the 90s. When Martynova still appeared in the frame, she immediately started arguing with Kazachenko. The former couple staged a showdown in the Studio.

Vadim Kazachenko scandal after a sudden meeting with the former spouse

“I wanted to ask Vadim, at which point he apologized. At what point did this happen? I saw it, I only have two questions….” – start, Olga.
Борис Корчевников столкнул Вадима Казаченко с бывшей женой

According to the artist, he apologised, writing to her in social networks. “It’s okay, we are not dealing with last year. Olga, why all this?” – said Kozachenko.

“I apologized for the harsh words that are said in September last year. I am ready again today to apologize for those words, to admit that I was completely wrong, talking about it,” added the actor.

Olga Martynova retorted that continues to meet with her ex-husband in court. The woman was firmly set up and hit Kazachenko with reproaches. “The court is a court of you also filed in court. In December, about its content. Olenka, now we are talking about something else… Let’s go out and we will solve these questions”, – said the singer.

At some point Boris korchevnikov broke down and left the Studio of the TV show. He suggested the former couple to talk privately to resolve their differences. “What we’re hearing right now is a horrible result of human destiny and the fate of these two people. If you do not agree, this hell will continue,” concluded lead the program.