The first scandal Dmitry Borisov: presenter accused of rudeness and slander

Первый скандал Дмитрия Борисова: ведущего обвиняют в хамстве и клевете
Famous musician intends to sue the First channel 1 million euros!

Alexander Novikov


Dmitry Borisov just a few months, crossed the threshold the world of entertainment television shows and has landed in a scandal. Alexander Novikov filed a lawsuit in the court for the program “Let them talk” leading where Borisov was not so long ago. Well-known 63-year-old bard said that the release of the program under the name “Alexander Novikov and deceived fans: castles in the air the king of chanson” slandered him, causing moral damages to him personally, and next of kin.

In the First channel Borisov together with the invited experts discussed the musician accusations of fraud. Novikov supposedly, according to some reports, lied to shareholders during the construction of the cottage village on the shore of lake Shartash near Yekaterinburg. Alexander called the program “Let them talk” false and insulting, and demanded that the leadership of the First channel no less than 1 million euros!

“On October 26 at the Ostankino court in Moscow I applied about protection of honor and dignity and compensation of moral damages in the amount of 1 million euros in relation to the program of the First channel “Let speak”. The program content and behavior of its host Dmitry Borisov is frankly boorish and slanderous in nature. The aim of the program was a denigration of me personally, distortion of the facts of my biography and moral harm to me and my family!” — Novikov writes on the official page in Facebook. It aims not only to obtain financial compensation, but also requires the First channel of the denials announced information and a public apology.