Fedor Emelianenko released scandalous facts of a criminal past, brother

Федор Емельяненко обнародовал скандальные факты из криминального прошлого брата It turned out Alexander was the first conviction at age 18. In an open letter published by one of the publications popular fighter sharply expressed in the address of a relative. This reaction came after an interview with Emelianenko Jr.
Федор Емельяненко обнародовал скандальные факты из криминального прошлого брата

At the disposal of one of the sports publications was a letter of Fedor Emelianenko’s brother Alexander. In the published text the athlete drastically expresses emotions towards kin. Previously, the younger Emelianenko talked to journalists and spoke about how wrong his relationship with businessman Vadim Finkelstein. According to Fyodor, now when meeting with a businessman he won’t even shake his hand. 36-year-old athlete got into trouble with one of the channels, which, he believes, provoked Finkelstein.

“Such as it is, around me, before a lot of spun, they face flatter you, smile, and “for eyes” pour muck. And they think I do not know about, but for all I know. Accordingly, I have to people so the attitude is changing,” said Alexander

Fedor was outraged by the speech of the brother. That is why in his letter he not only defended Vadim, but he also reveals unpleasant facts.

“Criticism in the direction of Vadim Finkelstein unfounded. Twerk like no other you have done. After the ban of the athletic Commission to fight in America Vadim supported you and continued to give battle. When, after a few incidents, none of the promotion has not worked with you, that Vadim set you up on fights with Rimkevicius, Glukhov and Monson. Did you Vadim? Most lost. He paid your fees in the Netherlands and Kislovodsk. Vadim also paid for your treatment,” said Fyodor.

Emelianenko-senior believes that his brother does not respect the people who helped him succeed in his career. According to Theodore Alexander’s trainer, Vladimir Voronov, has helped to avoid many of the consequences of deviant behavior relative.

“He took this burden on your shoulders, and your actions had no consequences. If not the coach, would you have sat down much earlier and for much longer,” – said the athlete.

Besides, Fedor said in the letter that it was “Soviet sport”, that Alexander has two convictions.

“Besides, you didn’t tell anybody that went to prison for the first time in 18 years. Explaining his tattoos just a hobby. But there are more than a dozen photos with the inmates and the premises is clearly not like a tattoo parlor. During this period my family were the people you helped, but you broke all ties with them and doused them with mud after his release from prison. It’s disgusting, to speak ill of the people who support you and genuinely worried about you,” said Fedor.