Боня испортила внешность новым цветом волос

Fans did not appreciate the new image of the star.

Apparently, before the New year Victoria wanted change, and she decided on a new hair color. However, the experiment with the first try failed.

“We decided on staining the roots, and my hair was spoiled exactly, you’ve seen it,” complained Bonia fans online.

But even after 37-year-old star again repainted the hair, the subscribers continued to criticize her and ask to bring back the old shade.

In the opinion of the public, a new hair color Wiki gives yellow, which is very similar to the fashion of the 90-ies.

Photo: @victoriabonya, @victoriabonya
Боня испортила внешность новым цветом волос
Боня испортила внешность новым цветом волос

“Last century”, “Yellow hair turned out”, “Cheap tint”, “Return to your shade of hair, you really were!”, “Just ruined everything”, – was indignant the public.

Indeed, Victoria for many years walked with a beautiful caramel shade, about the color of asking and brought photos of her to your stylist for the same result. Blonde is relegated to the background?

Recently, the star admitted to her fans that went through a bad plastic surgery.

“Couldn’t even think of that, removing the hernia under the eyes, I have to make up for lost volume after only a few years. Today I can say for sure: it is not necessary to remove the hernia surgically! They just can be eliminated with injections. The procedure is not cheap, but it’s worth it! Do not inject the gel, and the foam from the gel, so it won’t move and the texture is like a sponge. I will continue to share with you the latest innovations in the beauty industry,” shared Bonia.

And what color would you prefer?

  • Боня испортила внешность новым цветом волос