Blonde! Alsu struck by the change in appearance

Блондинка! Алсу поразила переменами во внешности
Actress tried on a new look.


Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Alsou some time ago promised fans that prepares them for a real “bomb”. The singer hinted at a change in the work and today it became clear what exactly was discussed. The singer has published a photo from shooting of a new clip that will be very different from what it was represented to the audience.

For the video shoot, Lil Wayne was… blonde! The first photo of the star in a new image was posted in social networks and caused a huge stir. “Asked for something new and unexpected? And if so?” intriguing fans Alsou.

The followers assume that the new style of the singer — temporary. Most likely, Alsou not dyed her hair and used a wig. However, the image of the singer is very impressed fans. “Space… Really like”, “Really, something unusual and new, Wow! Looking forward to it,” commented a photo of Alsu fans.

Recall that last year Alsu was conducted in a maternity leave on care of the long-awaited son Rafael. The boy was born in an Israeli hospital in August last year. His son Alsu fundamentally hides from the fans. “”Photo of him I have never published in the near future do not intend. The social network I’m a cheerleader for their work. And that’s what they support. My children are neither part of my job, nor is it a part of public relations, so this topic is closed to me. That was our Ian (husband of the artist — approx. ed.) is a weighted decision, our very clear and unchanged position,” — tells Alsu.