Yulia Menshova publicly spoke about the love of Yuri Nikolaev

Юлия Меньшова публично заговорила о любви к Юрию Николаеву The host of “Tonight” made a bold statement in the air. Yulia Menshova said that he carried the feeling to a well-known showman through life. Yuri Nikolaev sheepishly said that he was pleased to hear that.
Юлия Меньшова публично заговорила о любви к Юрию Николаеву

Another edition of the Saturday program of the First channel “Tonight” was dedicated to the seventieth years of the last century. Leading Maxim Galkin and Yuliya Menshova along with his star guests, youth and the creative flowering which fell at that time, with a light nostalgia reminisced about an era. Valentina Talyzina, Semyon Altov, Leonid Kuravlev, Mikhail Gusman, Elena Proklova, Victoria Tokarev, Yuri Nikolaev, and others known all over the country people were told what they were seventies.

Yuri Nikolaev which at that time started on the television program “Morning mail”, admitted that I really didn’t like myself. The iconic TV presenter for a long time could not accept on screen.

Юлия Меньшова публично заговорила о любви к Юрию Николаеву

“At first it was boring, traditionally, began modestly Yuri Nikolaev. – I was sitting at a Desk in a suit and tie and read the letters…” At these words Julia Menshova interrupted his guest to do the unexpected and apparently confused the master of home of the television statement.

Юлия Меньшова публично заговорила о любви к Юрию Николаеву“And Julia Menshova was sitting at home in front of a black and white TV and said, “Yuri Nikolaev”. I was in love, really, really,” said the young woman. And this love was long, even with the theatrical hostel because the Jura served in the same theater that my mother. So my love of many years. Then we changed domicile, Yuri, I already could not see. But when I started “Morning mail”, I stuck to the TV.”
Юлия Меньшова публично заговорила о любви к Юрию Николаеву

Studio announcement was greeted Yulia Menshovoj thunderous applause and laughter, well, Yuri Nikolaev sheepishly admitted that he was pleased to hear these words.

In the programme “Tonight” showed a historical record of one of the editions of the “Morning mail”. In the frame of Yuri Nikolaev and Sergei Shustitsky played a little scene. The video has delighted Yulia Menshova.

“I don’t know how it was possible myself not to like! – emotionally noticed the host of “Tonight.” – It’s incredibly progressive for the time. Stunning appearance. When officialdom, which was then, suddenly a man in sliderocket with this stunning charm, easy”.

It should be noted that the transfer “Morning mail” is a TV survivor. It pleases the viewers from 1974 to this day. Currently, the program airs on TV channel “Russia 1” on Sundays.