Brunette with dark eyes: daughter Chumakov and Kovalchuk was born a real beauty

Брюнетка с темными глазами: дочка Чумакова и Ковальчук родилась настоящей красавицей
The singer showed how spends time with her newborn daughter.

Alexey Chumakov on a walk with my daughter

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “million dollar Secret”

Alexey Chumakov “secret around the world” told about one of the parents of his newborn daughter more like. The singer honestly admitted that his Eastern blood took over and the heiress, whose name remains in secret, it is a copy.

“I guess she is more like me. Faint Yulia’s traits sometimes “skips”. And sometimes they will turn around — just me. The nose piece may be Julia’s and my portion. Here’s a symbiosis. Very beautiful! My Eastern blood still prevailed. Daughter dark, brown eyes,” — said Chumakov in an interview “the Secret to a million.” The program was shown footage walks together of Alex with the baby. The girl’s face artists not yet show. Now Chumakov and Kovalchuk are preparing for the sacrament of baptism, after which may declassify daughter.

Now new parents completely absorbed in caring for the baby. Soon the couple will search for a nanny, and while they cope on their own. In addition, they have a irreplaceable assistant — Julia’s mother. The parents of the singer’s long-awaited birth of her granddaughter and, of course, was very happy to learn that become grandparents.

However, as Alexei’s father, but his mother, unfortunately, never saw his granddaughter. A few years ago she died after a long illness. For Chumakova it was a big drama. Talking about Babysitting Mama, the singer could not hold back tears.

Recall that Alex was personally present at childbirth. He was sure that this time every man is obliged to be there for his kid and the woman. “A man must be in this place. You see the “Holy of holies”, the magic. It’s not disgusting, not scary and awful. The epicenter of everything beautiful — the birth of man. Death, incidentally, this is also fine as it is one and the same. I believe in reincarnation, so I am sure that the birth and death — by and large synonymous. To see the Holiness or God there is only one possibility: to see the death or birth. I saw the birth and for me this is the main indicator of the fact that magic exists. Man is obliged to be there because it changes the world,” — said Alexey recently in a television interview.