Billboard назвал Мадонну женщиной года

In their 58 years Madonna can give odds to the young. The singer, as before, dancing on stage, actively moving, etc.

Shaw Mudge always collect many thousands of halls, so the singer was even named the highest paid actress (for one tour, she earned $ 170 million) according to The New York Times.

Now Madonna has given a new title. Singer was recognized as “Woman of the year” according to Billboard.

Madonna has admitted that he is very touched by this title, and thanks for his fans for which it is so many years working up a sweat.

Are unable singer to bypass the topic of sexism against women, which for several years she struggled. Madonna said that her work, what she struggles with misogyny and disempowerment of women.

“Women were oppressed so long that they believe everything they say about men. They believe that should support the man in order to get the job done. Yes, there are men worthy of women’s support. Not because they’re men, but because worthy… As women we should begin to realize our own worth and value each other. Find a strong woman to be friends with her, to take an example, to learn, to collaborate, to be inspired, to seek support and education… In our world there are no rules, if you’re a boy, and hundreds of rules, if you’re a girl,” said Madonna, adding that even in choosing their costumes for performances, it remains true to the idea of fighting the manifestations of feminism.