“Naked Jessica Alba” was the cause of the computer failures of its fans

«Голая Джессика Альба» стала виновницей компьютерных поломок ее поклонников

Celebrities are often vulnerable. Their accounts hacked, their photo and personal correspondence becomes public, etc. But sometimes it happens so that the stars can harm ordinary people. Even if they do not want and not knowing.

The “culprit” of failure of equipment several ordinary citizens was the actress Jessica Alba.

Users of computers that “fell” for beautiful photos and videos celebrity picked up a virus that destroyed the software of their techniques.

Computer fraud attracted the attention of users spicy photo and offered to network users Facebook go to the link promising the video with “naked star”.

Those who said Yes, opened a fake YouTube site. Then the users pop up window offering to put the “extension”.

This extension was the virus, which in addition, gave the hackers all the data of the computer user, downloaded the is with products for adults, which was impossible to disable.