Дэниел Крейг может вернуться к роли Джеймса Бонда

Idris Elba? Tom Hiddleston? Mike Fassbender? No! Daniel Craig. This famous Briton might come back again “Bondiana” and to play his most famous role.

Some time ago it became known that Craig decided to take a creative break in the film career and to remind myself as a theater actor.

Craig retrained as 007 in Iago in a production of Shakespeare’s “Othello”. The premiere was successfully held in October this year and Daniel copes with his role. It is important to note that the show’s producer is Barbara Broccoli, the woman who the role of James bond in “Casino Royale”, “Quantum of solace”, “Skayfol” and “Spectrum” got it Craig.

Now, experts say, when Daniel’s a little “warmed up on the stage”, he may again want to do a “James bond”, Barbara is ready to accept it with open arms.

Let’s see how these predictions are correct? Do you think you will cope if Craig new movie about James bond?