Билл Гейтс подарил незнакомке посылку с 41 подарком

Билл Гейтс подарил незнакомке посылку с 41 подарком

Each year, social project Reddit launches Christmas campaign called “Secret Santa”. The essence of this action is that anyone can send an anonymous gift to any man. This event is attended by all regular users of the site, large companies and celebrities. Last year the number of participants has exceeded 200,000 people.

This year the biggest lucky winner was an American named Shelby. Santa for girls has become a very big businessman bill gates. He prepared for girls the real Christmas surprise — a big package with a total weight of 36 kg. This gift was so bulky and heavy that she couldn’t even put it in my car, she had to open it and carry in parts. In that package turned out to be 41 a gift and a note from bill gates in which he explained why chose Shelby.

The girl came to a complete delight from such surprises. She made a whole series of pictures and showed them to the users of the network that was inside this huge package. Of course, she thanked my secret Santa for your emotions.

Is possible to please a girl, bill gates thoroughly studied its social network, thus learned that most of all she loves in this life. Therefore, among the gifts were a Lego toy for her pet cat, a few books, and apparel, created for fans of “Star wars” and “Harry Potter”. Of course, Santa did not forget about the candy.

However, the most touching gift for Shelby was the donation of large sums of money from bill in the “American heart Association”. It turns out that in March 2019, 10 days before their wedding, Shelby lost her mother. The woman was taken to the hospital with a heart attack, but was unable to save due to the lack of required equipment. Gates just donated the money, he personally brought its profound condolences to the American.

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