Рассел Кроу начинает новую жизнь с возлюбленной: они купили дом

Рассел Кроу начинает новую жизнь с возлюбленной: они купили дом

55-year-old Australian actor Russell Crowe and his girlfriend Terri Irwin decided to move to the next stage of their relationship. This is reported by the Australian news portals. They finally announced their affair publicly, and began to create a common “nest”.

Recently, they bought a huge plot of land with a total area of 6 hectares, in the state of Oregon. The area already has a large swimming pool, special room for wine storage and even a barn. The lovers plan to spend over $ 2 million for renovation, creating your dream home.

At the moment the pair lives in Australia, but not together. The house of Matter is surrounded by a large reserve of Australia, and that’s where Russell lives is still unknown, because his house was severely damaged after the fires that have recently occurred on the continent. Therefore, their relocation to another area in the United States really will become a new stage in life for future family relations.

Terry Russell met through his good friend Steve Irwin. The man was married to Terre for a long time, and then died tragically. Initially, the widow and the crow did not recognize the fact that there’s something more than just friendship. It is no coincidence, they did not understand that I was starting to get attached to each other, because originally they were United just grief — the loss of a loved one.

In 2012, Russell went through a very painful divorce with his wife Danielle Spencer. Actor madly loved her even from a young age. Besides, he could not pursue custody of their children.

And Terry in 2006 had to be a widow. Her beloved husband was a very famous naturalist and TV presenter, Steve most of his life devoted to the study of wild crocodiles, to which he showed great interest. That is what destroyed it during a regular shooting TV shows about the jungle.

For Terry it was a big blow, because she had lived with and loved for more than 14 years and they have two children together. On top of spouses United by one hobby — the study and protection of wildlife.

Therefore, about their feelings to each other, Russell and Terry told just last year during an interview on the TV show. Irwin was the first to admit that experiencing the feeling of love toward the actor, and admired his talent. Such sweet recognition Crowe reciprocated by telling him that he loves Terri and her children.

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