Мадонна отменила концерты из-за своего бывшего мужа Гая Ричи

Мадонна отменила концерты из-за своего бывшего мужа Гая Ричи

Last Sunday in Miami was urgently cancelled the concert the 61-year-old American pop diva Madonna. Fans came in full shock, because they came to the concert and just before the start they announced that it will not happen. On the eve nor the representatives of the singer or Madonna herself no comment was given. And still they do not explain what caused the cancellation of the concert.

However, the Western media came to the conclusion that a dramatic turn of events connected with the life of the Madonna. As it turned out Monday, former husband of the pop diva filed an application to the court, which requires that their joint children spent Christmas with him. It turned out that Madonna and guy very hard feelings and they argue often about children. The lawsuit against Richey was filed in Manhattan court and was to be considered.

The couple decided to divorce in 2008, but they still figure out their relationship in the courtrooms, and the reason is not only the children. Still not officially named as the reason for their divorce, but in networks there are rumors that the once loving each other people are unable to make a decision on the adoption of another child. Another reason for call — different views on religion.

Madonna and guy married in 2000. Their wedding took place in a Scottish castle, the singer was a white dress in the Gothic style, which she sewed under the order itself Stella McCartney. The head of the Madonna adorned the tiara, which was purchased for 210,000 dollars from the government of Monaco. In total, the ceremony has been allocated 15 million dollars. Lovers loudly declared that their marriage is forever, but to live together only 8 years.

At the moment the fans are still demanding compensation and are very angry with their idol. After all, some of them not only came to the concert, and flew in from different parts of the country to enjoy the voice and the sight of a favorite stars.

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