Bianca suffers from a prolonged depression

Бьянка страдает от затяжной депрессии She is often to be upset. This she announced to followers on Instagram. Bianca also confessed that melancholy inspired her to write new songs.

      Popular singer in style R’n’b Bianca got worried and loyal fans of her work. The girl has published in his black-and-white photo, which depicted a synthesizer. The actress has hinted that he is going through a difficult period in my life, putting hashtags “sorrow”, “ashes” under the post. The star also noted that a similar condition has helped her come up with three songs and just half an hour.

      Followers raised the alarm and tried to find out what caused the melancholy idol. In the comments of users of social networks have tried to maintain the celebrity and wish it rather to do away with depression and also praised the talented singer for new hits.

      “Why the sad face? Are you sad? I’m going to cry”, “every ten minutes? You’re doing great. Just never be sad”, “My Bunny, I love you and your tenderness”, “I want you to be happy and get sad. In an hour everything will fall into place”, “Wait! Quickly to a new track! Don’t be sad. We love you very much!”, “It’s okay. We are with you. Interesting to listen to,” he wrote to fans.

      Bianca decided to keep the conversation and explained that the circumstances do not allow her to enjoy life, and also thanked well-wishers. “While I can not to be sad… Thank you! Love,” – replied the artist.

      Interestingly, lately some fans have noticed the celebrity addiction to harmful food. Singer and then spread in microblogging pictures of high-calorie food. Members even suggested that the singer is trying to deal with depression and stuck negative emotions. So, in the profile Bianchi has pictures fried in butter potatoes, instant noodles with smoked sausage, a large scoop of ice cream.

      However, the artist are not yet talking about the reasons, the set of sadness. Girl on the contrary, tries to cheer up cheerful meetings with friends. So, the other day she put in the “Instagram” is quite a candid shot. It Queen of R’n’b with a friend posing on the street in his underwear. In the photos, the star is in the usual form, and the results of malnutrition are invisible.