Anna Shulgin spoke about pregnancy

Анна Шульгина заговорила о беременности The girl strongly surprised fans one of the last frames on the page in a social network. The singer posted a pregnancy test that shows two lines. The artist wrote that he had learned about the interesting situation two weeks ago. However, most likely, the artist decided to play a joke on subscribers.

      Anna Shulgin posted on Instagram a surprise to fans of the. The frame sealed a pregnancy test which shows positive result. In a short time the picture has already managed to collect a large number of likes. It is noteworthy that the star has deprived fans of the opportunity to comment on the image. They moved the discussion to other posts, where they began to argue about the incident.

      Anna Shulgin was accused of vulgarity for erotic dance

      While subscribers find out the true nasklko, Shulgin said that almost half a month withheld from his followers the happy news. She stated that some of the movies on the Network, you can easily determine why she looks so happy lately. However, most likely, she decided not to break with tradition and in honor of April first puzzled the audience a provocative frame.

      “Sorry for manicure, the photo was taken a couple weeks ago and I was not up to their nails, but I think my happy eyes in stories you can understand why I’m so happy! I have no words! Just happiness!” commented on the image of the celebrity.

      Obviously, not all followers Shulgina believe in the veracity of the information provided. Among the commentators expressing the opinion with the pictures of Anna, formed the position that the girl just uploaded a picture of the social networks, and decided to pass off as your own. Moreover, the singer has never given fans a reason to think that she might get pregnant.

      Anna knew what a lively reaction will cause a fresh post in Instagram. Moreover, the first of April, many other stars have managed to amuse the members and to make unexpected applications that in the end turned out to be nothing more than a joke.

      “I think it’s fake. Can’t be”, “the First of April, obviously all, you already live a small miracle? I would like to though, but it is unlikely that”, “you’re such a Kidder. Scare people, they’ll go nuts until you the truth don’t tell,” wrote commentators in the “Instagram.

      It is worth noting that the doubts many fans have crept in for the reason that some other celebrities have posted online images with a similar content. Obviously, the stars began to wonder what kind of reaction can cause such an unexpected statement. Fans of Anne was assertive and self-explanatory, although many have a strong belief that she will soon remove the frame.