Nadezhda Ermakova has become a victim of fraud

Надежда Ермакова стала жертвой мошенников Former star of the TV show said that her phone was stolen. Now number girls people come up with messages asking for financial assistance. This situation is very upset Yermakov, so she hastened to share experiences with followers.

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Nadezhda Ermakova worried fans of unexpected news. The girl revealed that she struck a series of failures. It turned out that some time ago celebrity stolen mobile device, which has already managed to send messages to multiple people and put into the Network images of an intimate nature. Ermakova became extremely embarrassed in front of friends, who, like her, were victims of cyber criminals. She said that already went to the service center, which is going to lock the phone.

      Hope warned all followers that in any case it is not necessary to send money in her name. According to Hope, no relation to the action that takes place with the device, it does not. The star explained, he was not joking, as many thought her application a hoax on the first of April.

      “My phone was stolen, extorted money from me and friends, put in newsletter personal photos. The statement was written in the pigsty, but don’t really believe that you can find. Blackmail and asking for money! If you come SMS with a request to transfer money, don’t react. On my personal number until the call. Unfortunately, this is not a joke for 1 April”, – commented statement in the microblog in Instagram

      Fans immediately supported her and tried to comfort her. They believe that it is not necessary to despair, and perhaps there is still a chance that the phone will be able to find. Some followers believe that any such unpleasant situations do not happen, so they think that this moment with the mobile device needs to help Hope understand what could really go wrong.

      Someone has the impression that from too much activity in the social network Ermakova became the victim of ill-wishers, who thus decided to Express its position. Part of fans believe that a woman could forget the phone inadvertently. It seems that the Hope that is now involved in many projects, could leave the gadget in a cafe or other place.

      “Nadya, it’s only trouble will be! Things will get better!”, “Oh, Nadia! It doesn’t mean anything! The only thing, maybe from our eternal haste and carelessness here it happens”, “Nadya, bag need to keep. Especially in those places where a lot of people. It is necessary to be careful. The police are unlikely to help”, “Nadia. Don’t blame yourself. Good people usually get tested. God who loves, and experiences. Everything will work out!” – written by commentators on the Network.

      Fans, one way or another, frustrated by the fact that some time ago the former participant “Houses-2” reported that she was robbed of her purse with a sum of money. They lamented the fact that so much trouble has occurred with a celebrity almost at the same time. They ask Hope to be more careful in the future and wish you patience in difficult situations.