Бейонсе запланировала четвертого ребенка
Singer wants to follow the example of Kim Kardashian.

Бейонсе запланировала четвертого ребенка

Beyonce with daughter blue ivy

Photo: Instagram.com

One of the friends Beyonce announced interesting news: the singer intends to fill up of his family. And she is to give birth this time
not want. According to available information, currently Beyonce picks
a suitable surrogate mother that could pass for the singer one

The idea that you don’t have to endure the hardships of pregnancy, to fill up your family,
unwittingly gave her Kim Kardashian. The reality star recently
became a mother for the third time through she hired the woman who carried and gave birth to
for her daughter, which Kim called Chicago. Interestingly, the relationship of Kim and
Beyonce recently not the best — they are constantly fighting. The better
the singer will “bypass” the competition, becoming the mother of three children, as
Kardashian, and four.

We will remind, now in the family, Beyonce has daughter blue ivy,
celebrated her sixth birthday, and the twins Sir and Rumi, which
the singer gave birth in June 2017. As Beyonce says, the children get along well
each other — from blue ivy turned out great
the eldest sister. Blue ivy in contrast to the 4-metadatei Kardashian — North,
which is madly jealous of his mother, a younger brother of the Saint, refers to the youngest
brother and sister are quite friendly. Blue ivy helps her mother, how can she
having fun tinkering with the twins. So when the family will be one
baby, volunteering to help Beyonce guaranteed.

Interestingly, when the singer
waited, at the time, blue ivy, detractors suspected, like Beyonce “faked»
pregnancy, and in fact, her child carried by a surrogate mother. This rumor
began to spread once during the show, the singer sharply
he leaned forward and, as it seemed to the audience, her belly a bit “blown away”… However,
itself Beyonce categorically insisted that gave birth to blue ivy
she herself. And in order not to provoke the same rumors for the second time, the singer while she was expecting twins, constantly
posted on his page in the social network pictures your podrostkovogo

Beyonce with twins Sir and Rumi

Photo: Instagram.com