Three of the casket: the Sons of Plushenko grow its copies

Трое из ларца: Сыновья Плющенко растут его копиями
Eugene showed a touching family picture with 11-year-old Egor and five-year-old Sasha.

Evgeni Plushenko with his sons Egor and Sasha

Photo: Instagram

Evgeni Plushenko, posting a picture with his sons — senior —
11-year-old Egor and the younger five-year-old Sasha, could not imagine that his
publication with an innocent text “Egor came to stay”, cause so many reviews
and reviews. A serious dispute
sparked because of the appearance of the boys. While one of the fans of the skater with
passionately insisted that the eldest son — a copy of the dad and the youngest more like
mother Yana Rudkovskaya, another — no less fiercely argued that both sons very
similar to Eugene. “As you all like! Just three of the casket!”— they wrote. Rejoiced
fans of the athlete and the fact that both the son (Egor born in marriage with his first wife
Olympic champion Maria Ermak), spend time with the father.

“How good of you all together! I read somewhere that Yana before
was against your Egor communication, well that’s not so,” commented
a touching family photo subscribers Plushenko.

It should be noted that Eugene began to publish photos of Yegor not
so long ago. The firstborn son, Plushenko was born two years before the divorce with Maria Eugenia.
However, the separation Plushenko with his wife occurred even earlier: in fact, he left
from Mary when she was in her last month of pregnancy. After the birth of her son
Ermak recorded son under his name, what caused the misunderstanding
the family Plushenko. The current wife of Eugene — Yana Rudkovskaya really
first time banned Plushenko to communicate with Egor, but later the conflict was