Алла Довлатова показала фигуру в купальнике на московском морозе
The radio host was swimming in the outdoor pool when snowing and the air temperature is below ten degrees.

Alla Dovlatov with the yoga teacher

Alla Dovlatov, having given birth to last year’s fourth child,
immediately began to get in shape. First through yoga, and when he became
perhaps the radio host took up Aqua aerobics. The star admitted that very
suffered from the fact that because of the cesarean it some time it was impossible to swim, she loves water. She even found that period interesting
replacement classes in the pool — a shower sharko.

As soon as the stitches from the surgery have healed, Dovlatov immediately
began to water procedures. Moreover, from swimming in the fresh air Alla
decided not to give Moscow even in winter. The actress published a
the photo where she is standing at the edge of the open pool in the same swimsuit.

“Yesterday it was -10, and the training we had shortened
(half an hour), so today I added 10 minutes on the ground, commented
the star of radio. — Try it in water to withstand 40 minutes! Large
the pool is warm +28, and small baths +9! We are engaged in a large and
a little dive between calls in the bath. It’s like a treat after work
trainings. So I trained myself”.

Fans heartily admired the strength of will of Alla, and
some admitted that they are unlikely to be able to make myself like this relaxed pose for the photographer on