Бейонсе приехала на церемонию MTV с дочкой

The singer decided to attach 4-year-old blue ivy to the high life and walked with her down the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the MTV Video Music Awards.

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The awards ceremony in the region music video channel MTV began in the literal and figurative meaning brilliantly: Beyonce and her daughter blue ivy appeared in front of the camera in outfits that really shone and sparkled. 34-year-old singer chose a dress, feather ornament which is harmoniously combined with a full skirt and train of her dress of her daughter. And for dazzling Shine answered dress singer worth 12 million dollars, decorated with diamonds and emeralds from a jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, closet complement the ring with pink diamond, 12 carat and impressive earrings with emeralds. Blue ivy did not depart from his mother, her Golden dress complemented by designer shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti. And, of course, what little Princess be without a tiara.

Children at these ceremonies, of course, not the place, however, the appearance of blue ivy is not surprising, since she starred in the video of his mom in a song Formation, so walked down the red carpet as a full-fledged artist. By the way, the Beyonce video for this song apply for awards in six categories, including “Video of the year”.

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