«Одна за всех», или единственная и неповторимая Анечка I have always said, if someone worthy to show on the “First channel”, is the actress of the Mayakovsky Theater Anna Ardova. We met several years ago on the set of the next episode of “One for all”.

    With Anya we met several years ago on the set of the next episode of “One for all” when way shocking blonde Angie it on the second take, so famously hit me with a bottle on the head that I suffered. “IO-Oh! My lip fell off! cried then Angie – Ardova, and then apologized, “Sorry, Andrew, once I got on the show in the role of boxer, so I trained that Mohammed Ali is resting!” I well remember how, accidentally sliding design in the Studio, she quickly improvised, forcing a smile, even the Director of the project.

    “Oh, I touch his chest and wings decorations! You know, it is inconvenient to move when suddenly your body grows something big”. The range of Anna Ardovs in this project was overwhelming – from the saleswoman of hot dogs with a pronounced Ukrainian accent to the first woman who became President of Russia. Watch her transformation can be infinite. So stay tuned for esters: the fall of the brilliant and unique Anna Ardova in “One for all” spacewalks “First channel”. Go!

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