Сестру Мерайи Кери арестовали за проституцию

Unlucky sister of the popular American singer of Marii Carey arrested for prostitution. 55-year-old Alison Carey was arrested in upstate new York at a hotel, where he was the familiar fishing is not the first time.

As stated by the chief of police, Joseph Sinatra, Alison not only admitted that he is a close relative of the famous singer, but also sold themselves in this regard more.
In the announcement the sister of a celebrity was told that is “cute lady looking for a guy ready to have some fun with it and dive into the world of pleasure.
“Maria takes care of all the members of his family, and what happened to her was a blow” — said the representative of the singer, but the insider reports that the sisters haven’t spoken in several years. Since we already know that sister Maryi has a whole “bouquet” of sexually transmitted diseases, the Sheriff appealed to anyone who had unprotected sex with this “nice lady” to contact their doctors and get tested.
The trial of Alison held on August 30. The Deposit is 1000 dollars. It is unknown whether to pay this amount, Maria.

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