Лучшие распродажи со скидками до 70 %: что и где покупать

Frame from the film “Sex and the city 2”

Summer is in full swing! If weather fails, we still have almost a month and a half of Sunny days, outings, parties, open-airs and meetings with friends on the verandas of the city’s cafes. In General, the time to show off the new summer stuff is still there, and most importantly — now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe and not go broke. Many stores already have started selling spring and summer collections, and in some it is already possible to prepare for the cold. SPLETNIK.RU gathered the most interesting offers for every budget.

In Marks & Spencer discounts up to 70%! To go there is primarily a basic wardrobe update or new things for the office. Within three thousand where you can collect a whole set. So, for the classic dark pants with a mid rise will have to pay only 998 rubles. The cropped jacket is 1 of 398 rubles, shirts and tops will cost an average of one thousand rubles.

The good news is discount on underwear. Prices start at quite affordable 398 rubles per briefs bikinis. Expensive — in 1 798 roubles will cost bras from the capsule collection by model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Rosie for Autograph.

In Mango you should pay attention to leather jackets. Start wearing them as early as August cool evenings, and fall is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe. There are plenty to choose — here and jackets with straps and studs, and oversized Moto jackets, and insulated versions with faux fur, suede and elegant model. And diverse color palette, from classic black to more delicate beige and bright pink and red shades.

Discounts up to 70 percent can be purchased and light overcoats, jackets, blazers, and more original things like velvet kaftans and denim kimono. At discount prices you can certainly buy the rest of the range — from dresses and swimwear to accessories like handbags and sunglasses.

In the CDs, and also sell spring / summer collection. Right now in the luxury shops is to go all mental sisters Carrie Bradshaw. To save money on shoes is impossible — too large a value for this object and for imaging, and for health. To suffer in low-quality shoes, stuffing corn, — a dubious benefit. So instead of buying another pair of mass-market copying a design model is to invest in the originals. For example, elegant suede shoes from Saint Laurent can now be purchased for 29 250 $ instead of 41 800. Comfortable loafers from Valentino will cost 34 rubles instead of 750 49 650. Well, if there is still a trip to the sea, then you should buy womens Slippers from Dolce & Gabbana with a floral print and brooch.

Sale 12Storeez is a triumph of basic models and hottest accessories. Discounts up to 50 percent are offered comfortable blouses, dresses, Polo, knit suits, dresses, Safari-style beige shades with large pockets (at least someone understands this perennial longing of women for stylish clothes with pockets). But perhaps most importantly, rush is a woven handbag with wooden handles 3 980 rubles (available two color options, black and green) and bulk bags-shapery 8 790 rubles. Braided model in a leather frame-grid — an absolute hit and proof that the original does not mean uninhabitable.

Yesterday the sale started and the brand A la Russe — discounts on items from the collection spring/summer 2018 to reach 50 percent. To hurry shopping is fans of pastel hues and romantic silhouettes. Chiffon dresses, lace, draping, sleeves-frills — it’s all there as in the basic models and outfits for special occasions. And so it just worth to look closely.

Although all the guides on sales hard suggest first and foremost buying universal things, we should not ignore the opportunity to update your wardrobe for the festive exits. Silver dress with an asymmetrical brim and a decorative bow will cost 45 665 rubles, a Maxi dress of white lace with a delicate black trim on the cuffs and stand-up collar — 63 917 rubles.

Hunters of the brand name things is frequently updated and farfetch.com — sale is there are now four price categories: less than 30%, 30-50%, 50-60% and more than 60 percent. With the maximum discount you can now buy dresses and shoes from Oscar de la Renta and Valentino, outerwear from Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy, denim from Dsquared. At bargain price you can grab and blouse from Brandon Maxwell on a new round of popularity of the brand came out after Meghan Markle appeared in a dress of this brand in a meeting with representatives of the Commonwealth, or mules heels of Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma — thing created by the singer for the German brand, in great demand, and many models have been sold.

To do the hike in the sales in Zara difficult. Spanish retailer pleases the fashionistas and the replica of the iconic things from well-known brands, and the right balance between original and baseline models, and the ratio of price-quality. Now all this can be purchased with discounts of up to 70 percent.

The most important in the summer collection was perhaps dresses. Yes, a lot podnadoevshie all stripes, cells and asymmetry, but this style is loved by many, and why not restock your wardrobe with new models. Besides, with cage, judging by the collection of Versace fall/winter 2018, to say goodbye just before. Prices on things vary on average from 699 to 1 999 rubles.

On mirstores.ru also started sale. Discounts with compared to the other more restrained sales — up to 30 percent, but the pricing of this Russian brand, and so are quite affordable. And since almost all clothes made from natural fabrics and produced in Russia — the offer looks even more attractive.

Simplicity and comfort are the main values of the brand, these things, beautiful and at the same time convenient, here and must go. The proposal is now a lot of monochrome dresses in many colors and also hit this summer — crochet bags-mesh. The most expensive dress costs 6 710 rubles for bags please 2 790 rubles. Shopping should hurry, in the presence of remains not so a lot of things!

Notable fans of sweatshirts and brightly coloured pictures will certainly have to look into the stores of the brand Katya Dobryakova. Emotions from Benjamin Franklin, a medieval portraits, baseball caps, cute cubs, instagram is a lady in the style of late Picasso — there is where carousing and art lovers, and the original mods. All prices have been reduced twice. The plaid and jacquard dresses, skirts, clutches and colorful socks.

Two times cheaper than now and all the summer things I Am Studio. Pay attention to is the MIDI-dress with an open collar and belts. Variations on coat-dresses and dress-trench this summer at the peak of popularity in the outfits of such a plan is seen and Megan Markle, and Kate Middleton, and Melania trump. Climate “exploits” the first lady of the United States, which appeared in a rather tight dress hot in Helsinki, not necessarily to repeat — I Am Studio offers a model from one hundred percent cotton, so they will feel comfortable and convenient. Are also mini-skirts made of denim, t-shirts, and cardigans and pullovers.

The best guide for discounts on clothing from Russian designers can be found on the website dressone.ru. Impressive selection — at discount prices it is possible to collect and evening wardrobe, and prepare for the fall, and, of course, to have time to refresh the images for the current season.

Almost twice reduced the prices of dresses and skirts from Alena Akhmadullina, light beige coat by Viktoria Andreyanova will cost 14 instead of 20 400 460 rubles, with a discount you can purchase things from an exclusive capsule collection of retro-style “mothers and Daughters” from A la Russe.

Practical fashionistas should pay attention to the sale of the Arctic Explorer. Fluttering in a light airy dresses, well and good, but do not forget that winter is coming. The selection of clothing in our climate should be approached with all responsibility — in addition to a comfortable cut play an important role and materials. Natural fillings like goose down, fur trim, waterproof fabric, the presence of pockets and windproof hoods are available in models from Arctic Explorer.

The name speaks for itself — in such clothes it is possible to conquer Northern latitudes. Discount are now sold jackets and parkas, named after constellations. The most inexpensive model will cost 11 900 rubles, the maximum price of 37 800 rubles. The proposal is not only outerwear, but also a few pullovers.

Generous offers discounts of up to 70 per cent now complete and the website aizel.ru. The most hit — on sports shoes. Suede sneakers from adidas will cost just 2 720 rubles, sneakers from Reebok nubuck powdery colors — 3 080 rubles, trendy shoes from knitted Jersey for What — 5 200 rubles.

A discount of ten percent can be purchased and dress-coats from Laroom — relevance of this old of this year’s outfit after the release of Meghan Markle can increase. Among the most profitable shopping — accessories from Dolce & Gabbana silk dress from Diane von Furstenberg offered with a discount of 70 percent.

Those who are still going to start a new life and to do sports this summer, is to take the first step towards this noble goal and look into Under Armour. The brand sells a basic but much-needed model with discounts up to 50 percent. Collect at discount prices now you can complete a sports bow, ranging from a comfortable and lightweight bag to leggings for a run of unique adaptive fabrics ColdGear® Reactor to help keep warm, but the excess discharge during intense resistance exercise.