Best bike manufacturer — company Merida is 45 years old

Лучшему производителю велосипедов — компании Merida — исполняется 45 лет

This fall the brand Merida will celebrate 45 years. The company is recognized as one of the best Bicycle manufacturers in the world. Today, the plant successfully produces all versions of the modern bikes of different levels — from starter to professional. In the lines there is a tough road and passable mountain bikes, hybrids are versatile and powerful two-wheeled “horses” with electric drive.

Company Merida best customers!

The company was founded in 1972 at the end of September. The idea was the current Chairman D. H. Ike. Successful development of business began in 1973, during the design, construction and implementation of Japanese miniature bikes. Two years later the first bike Merida presented on the USA market. The company launches BMX models.

On the world market products of Merida is a leader of technological progress. As expected a large manufacturer of bikes the middle and upper classes, the company uses its own innovative developments in the field of protective and decorative coatings for frames. Thanks to powder coating-the basics of all bikes have an attractive smooth surface with a glossy sheen. The coating withstands external negative factors, the occurrence of scratches and the influence of chemical compounds.

High-quality components for professional bikes

The company produces hydroformylating pipe with excellent performance. To give these components the right shape, they pour oil only under strong pressure. The result of this approach are the unique details that is several times greater than the analogs. Technology of production of pipes HFS gives you the ability to circumvent the usual limitations regarding the profile, and completely change the design of the bike.

Components are produced with unprecedented characteristics, having a large wall thickness, high internal gain and radical stylistic design. The results of numerous tests and laboratory studies, such as aluminum and magnesium frames made by robots on the lines of Merida, have a high level of reliability and durability.

It is worth noting that the bikes start class the manufacturer offers at a very affordable price compared to other bikes in this category. They are equipped with light frames of durable aluminum, providing rigidity and superior speed performance. Racing model with lightweight design, created on the basis of magnesium, were tested at the Championships and world cups. Experts say that these units have the optimal ratio of price and quality.