Бен Аффлек снова начал пить!
Friends of the actor blame his new mistress Lindsay Suckas.

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Suckas


Friends and relatives of Ben Affleck seriously
concerned. The fact that over the last week, the actor was twice seen in
stores, purchasing a considerable amount of alcohol. And Ben looked like when
it doesn’t matter — he was unshaven swollen.

Purchase wine Affleck — not idle fancies. The appearance of the actor with his new mistress
Lindsay Suckas in one of the wine shops in Maine, where he currently
resting actor and his girlfriend, was recorded by surveillance cameras. Besides,
this became known from the workers of this trade establishments —
Jenna, Noyes, which revealed prominent customers on their
a page in a social network.

For the first time, as told by Jenna, they
bought a couple of bottles of champagne and another bottle of spirits.
But after a couple of days, as the couple showed up again and again replenish their stocks of alcohol…

Incidentally, friends of Affleck and this is what
were afraid when it became known that the actor started Dating Chucas. After all, Affleck admits
that in the past suffered from alcohol dependence. He was twice
forced to go to the clinic for treatment: the first time — in the summer of 2001, the second
at the beginning of this year. And because Ben was afraid to return to the previous adverse
habit, he even hired
for a special nurse, so she watched him round the clock…

And Lindsay loved
drink! It is, however, until the clinic is not reached, but actively addicted to alcohol
life. The Network recently appeared in the document under which the police
detained her on the street in a drunken state when Shukas was still
minors. And as Lindsay, according to eyewitnesses, many
constantly drinking in the presence of Ben, friends of the actor opalis that, looking at her,
he, too, may fall. Something like that happened…