Beyonce broke down in tears at the sight of the first smile of a daughter

Бейонсе разрыдалась при виде первой улыбки дочки
The singer boasted the first achievement of their twins.



Beyonce, who just a month and two weeks, I have learned to smile! Singer
said that in her opinion, she is absolutely extraordinary children.

baby Rumi still quite tiny, recently she surprised her parents
the first smile! Beyonce was so excited
those that cried. Appearing on the scene the girl’s father — Jay-Z — also could not restrain his tears. And
a few days later smiled for the first time and brother Rumi Sir.

As you know, to educate
twins is no easy task. And yet Beyonce and Jay-Z still
adjusting to life with two small children in the house. Sleep like
admitted the singer, they still manage not too much. After all, if one of the twins
wakes up at night their cry, he inevitably wakes the other. But the singer and her
spouse while they are trying to hold firmly.

Incidentally, there are persistent
rumors that Beyonce is ready to share with fans a unique home
shots. As claimed, it removes the video the most interesting moments of life
children and going to mount of these fragments documentary.

Recall, that kids
born in Los Angeles on June 13 in Cesarean section.
However, the fact of their birth, Beyonce confirmed only in mid-July. Then she
tweeted the first photo of the twins, signing it: “Today, Rumi
and Sir one month!”.