Бен Аффлек отметил 45-летие с женой и детьми
The mistress of the actor is clearly not invited to his birthday.

Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck an 45 years old. The anniversary, he chose to celebrate with his ex-wife, Jennifer garner, children and family members. New mistress Affleck Lindsay Shukas was not seen at this day close to her famous boyfriend. But Jennifer is beginning to prepare for the holiday morning. She bought a luxurious cake in a famous patisserie and took him to his home, where, perhaps, the day Ben and their three children began to celebrate his birthday.

And in the evening Affleck, who for the occasion, squeeze out a smile, came to the restaurant. Then there came Jennifer with children. The eldest daughter violet was holding a beautifully wrapped gift to his beloved father. After the feast Affleck with a huge box, which apparently were stacked all the gifts he left one in his car. However, he didn’t smile and looked like the swollen and puffy.

The family feared that Ben, contacting the 36-year-old producer Lindsay Shukas, prone to drinking, again “unleashed” and started drinking. Jennifer continues to support her ex-husband, but keeps quiet, apparently believing that now duties to control the behavior of Affleck moved on to another woman. The very same Jen secretly Dating actor Chris Pinom, although not yet wants to provide his children. Believing that it is not yet time for a new serious relationship. Sorry, if Ben really took off and again did not keep its word of starting it again.