Звезды шоу «ТАНЦЫ» спустятся в метро
Members of the famous project will hold open workshops on the subway.


Every Friday from August 18 to September 8 star of the show “DANCING” promises to brighten up the Moscow subway passengers in a boring way home from work. Transitions
three metro stations (China Town, Revolution Square and Pushkin) 19:00
21:00 stars of the show will hold open master classes for all comers. Contempo,
twerk, Vogue, hip-hop and much more — very soon, commuters will start
to move in the most fashionable and the latest trends.

During the master-classes will be organized the competition, the winners of which will be able
to get to shoot the show “DANCING”, get a ticket to visit dance
school “PROТАНЦЫ” and even become the heroes of a post in the official
instagram TNT.

All that is needed to win is to dance in a special area of the show
“DANCING”, located on one of the three metro stations, and to put the roller in
instagram with the hashtag #Tanzimat. Further, the jury will determine who
will get 15 seconds of fame on instagram, TNT, who’s going to do a show or
go to “PROТАНЦЫ”. Summarizing will occur once in
a week in the official instagram of TNT.