Дочь Ксении Бородиной улаживает конфликты между родителями The presenter gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he told about people. In recognition of Ksenia Borodina, she doted beloved children and husband, who became her good friend. However, even in close-knit family TV stars sometimes there are differences.
Дочь Ксении Бородиной улаживает конфликты между родителями

Ksenia Borodina not only a famous TV presenter and businesswoman, but also a loving mother. The celebrity and her husband Kurban Omarov try to give the kids all the free time. Due to the busy schedule of TV stars she didn’t always get to see the kids as often as she wants. In recognition of Xenia, it loves to spend the morning together with your loved ones.

“How it goes: I brush my teeth, Take comes, then Omar and Mary, and we turn on music and start to dance. It has become a tradition. Every day Thea gives something new. Because of this, it is very difficult to get out of the house, especially in the morning,” – said Borodin in a recent interview.

Leading says that their marriage is not the main. “There is a relationship of dad and daughter, is when a female head of the family, and the man under it, and there are friendly relations. We chose the third,” explained the young woman. However, even in such a family from time to time there are contradictions. Over time the couple learned more easily react to differences. According to Xenia, the youngest daughter is trying to reconcile the parents.

“I guess we passed the settling-in period and already calmed down. We can, of course, and shout, and to clap the doors, and turn priests into the bed. Most smooths our conflict Take, she runs to our room and starts to say something to me and he begins to pull us together. Now we are adults married and do everything consciously. After everything we’ve been through, realized that we have something to lose, and most importantly,” shared the celebrity.

During the conversation with reporters, she admitted that categorically against making the details of his personal life on public display. Leading condemns those people who are trying to get a PR at any cost. “In my family, all calm and good, and if, God forbid, something happens, I’ll try to hide it as best as I can,” says the TV star.

Interest in life Ksenia Borodina is very high – its “Instagram” more than 9.4 million subscribers. However, the presenter is and haters, who regularly criticized her on social networks. In recognition of a young woman, she still can not calmly accept the negative comments of loved ones. So she sometimes meets well-wishers. “I think sometimes people should be put in place” – quoted by Borodin Peopletalk.