Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner are getting a divorce without lawyers

Бен Аффлек и Дженнифер Гарнер будут разводиться без адвокатов

At the end of last week Western media reported that attempts Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck to restore the family failed. Jennifer and Ben followed each other went to court, where he filed the divorce papers. This time, as the informants, this is serious and this act should be the final point in relations of this pair.

Insiders say garner and Affleck already decided – and that, as to their property issues and questions of raising three kids. That is why the pair chose to refuse the services of lawyers because they help them is simply not required.

More knowledgeable people say that celebrities don’t use the services of lawyers because they are afraid of leaks of documents and information. “In many cases the stars just don’t want anyone, even attorneys, have seen some documents. Therefore, Affleck and garner will address the court personally, without the involvement of specialists,” — commented the “star” lawyer Peter M. Walzer.

Recall first the divorce, the pair became known two years ago. But the actors decided to postpone the parting, trying to establish normal communication or to restore the family. But lawyers say that the decision to divorce was made two years ago, profoundly and irrevocably, for the organization of this process took time: “There is nothing surprising in the fact that the couple is at odds for two years. Imagine how many documents they had to disassemble. Moreover, they had to solve the issue regarding custody of three children. It is a long process, and so it is not solved soon”.

By the way, despite divorce proceedings, Ben, Jennifer and their two children – 8-year-old seraphina and 5-year-old Samuel – Easter celebrated together. Eldest daughter, 10-letnja violet with them for unknown reasons at this time was not.