After the fall from the window of Vasiliy Stepanov’s considered dangerous to society

После падения из окна Василия Степанова считают опасным для общества

Last week for fans of the actor Vasily Stepanov it was a shocking event – one of their favorites jumped out the window of his apartment. As later admitted the actor, starred in the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island”, on this step it will not pushed and the fall was not accidental. “Yes, I fell, and it wasn’t an accident. And I’ve never been pushed… Now I am all right, she got a cast, went home. Just a pity that the people had failed to shoot, disrupted timing,” commented the incident of Basil.

In the clinic where the victim was immediately taken, he was diagnosed with a mental disorder.

The doctors felt it necessary to send the actor for treatment in the dispensary: moreover, he took away all means of communication and forbidden to communicate with relatives. As I later found out the brother of Basil, this action was compelled because the guy was considered dangerous to society. Is this true, to say at the moment is difficult.

Note that at the moment, many friends and colleagues Stepanova convinced that the reason for this desperate step, the Basil lies in its failure in the career plan. All at the moment, a guy need – stability.

By the way, to help his former subordinate volunteered Fedor Bondarchuk: “Dear audience, dear actors and friends of Vasily Stepanov! I will do everything I can to support Vasily,” reads the post of Director in Facebook.